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Starring Big Hearted & Talented
(also this #ClintEastwood fella’)
The Fox Theatre
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Patrick Fabian
Photos from Patrick Fabian's post
Birthday Blast-Off!
Thanks to my awesome ABQ friends
Erica Viking

And the
ABC Cake Shop and Bakery
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Comments Happy birthday brother! Happy Birthday Patrick Fabian ❀️ Are you guys filming already??? Patrick Fabian
@PatrickFabian @Nachoserricchio So what'd you think, Patrick? Premise looks interesting. And Clint Eastwood is pretty bad ass. 0 0 @LaFamHernandez
FOX Sports
Better Call Saul star Patrick Fabian sits down with Kristine Leahy to discuss Le'Veon Bell, his connection to the Green Bay Packers and his time at Penn State
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Patrick Fabian
Cannot thank everyone enough for the wonderful birthday shout outs.
Made for a thrilling weekend.
Comments Happy birthday Patrick! Mine is today so it’s a great month all around Happy Birthday πŸŽ‚ to You! Merry Christmas πŸŽ„ and Happy Holidays, too. Hap-Hap-Happy birthday πŸŽ‚ Patrick Fabian
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
Patrick Fabian on the show today!
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Patrick Fabian
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Thank you @criticschoice , for the 3 nominations: @bettercallsaulamc for Best Drama, #bobodenkirk for Best Lead Actor, and me for Best Supporting Actress!
We’re all doing a little gratitude dance over here!
Congrats to the whole #BCS Family, and ...
Comments πŸ’ͺ πŸ‘πŸ’― Congratulations No Jonathan 😩😩😩😩 Patrick Fabian
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20 Year #Volunteer
Hiked mountains in #Europe #Africa & #Asia but calls #ABQ home.
He used to run up
#LaLuz at #sandia
(8 miles ascent 7,000ft to 10,600ft)
a couple of times week.
Now, with a ...
Comments I was in the sandia’s a few days ago. Glad you’re enjoying ABQ! Nice hat...😎 Repping the Burgh...very cool, Patrick! Patrick Fabian
RT @remysmom44: The @BetterCallSaul actors genuinely support and love one another... and congrats @rheaseehorn! 10 0 @claudia_caryler
Thank you, Albuquerque, for being one of the best audiences we've ever had! What a great night last night, celebrating Patrick Fabian's birthday with such an amazing group of Better Call Saul and Indie Film Lovers. Thank you Erica Viking ... Patrick Fabian
#ICYMI - DriverX Select Cities.
more to come...
Comments What exactly is the effect of music on social media?!? Washington DC please... Patrick Fabian
@chrissadeghi @BetterCallSaul @PatrickFabian Yeah the suits he wears are always eye-catching and stunning! 0 1 @LJaunes
RT @remysmom44: The @BetterCallSaul actors genuinely support and love one another... and congrats @rheaseehorn! 10 0 @Lacm29Marthe
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Great running into @kadeestrick @beverlywilshire raising awareness for @stjude @stjudechildrensrh
Thanks @brooksbrothers
Patrick Fabian
RT @chrissadeghi: Knit tie and collar pin this morning. Inspired by Howard from @BetterCallSaul. Any advice, @PatrickFabian?… 1 0 @BetterCallSaul
@PatrickFabian @rheaseehorn @CriticsChoice @AMC_TV Congratulations @rheaseehorn. Very much deserved 😊. So pleased for you! 0 0 @Trustno1Walker

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