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@PatrickFabian @BetterCallSaul I hope to see you there. The last season was your best and your character (and us) deserves much more 0 0 @gabrielpalacios
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'Sall good, man! Better Call Saul will be back!
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Congrats on the pick up! Michael Healy
Entertainment Weekly
More Better Call Saul is on the way!
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How Season 3 Set Up Jimmy's Descent Into Saul
Plus, the cast and creators wrap up the season with a look at Jimmy's wobbly morality, Gus and Mike's deepening partnership, and what's to come as more paths cross in the future.

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Better Call Saul Renewed for Season 4
#Season4 #BetterCallSaul
A new 10-episode season will return in 2018. Get all the details.
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Tonight, after
S3 Finale
Once again, being in the midst of a live concert unfolding makes me feel more alive than anything.


And @davekilminster is a fucking #genius #guitargod
Honored to witness.

@ilovelucius is the sonic soul icing ...

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