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What @AstroKatie says,
Yeah, I'm with that.
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Patrick Fabian
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I just donated.
Good Guy @DirectedbyDRE, a big smile and an even bigger heart.
Help out if you like. Thx
Help us change the world with this film. 10 years in the making , we are finally ready to ...
Patrick Fabian
Watch Gus and Mike’s Very First Moment Together
See the two Breaking Bad legends size each other up in this scene from the latest episode of Better Call Saul.
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Comments Michael C Howard Chess match. Patrick Fabian
Image from @cassini.journey
That light in the middle is us.(Earth)
Thanks to all the fans who came out to support #fifi today!
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Totally flying #FiFi.
“Hope to see a lot of BCS fans in Camarillo today!”
Comments Maaike Molenaar Yay, have fun! Patrick Fabian
Watched #SunkCosts .. We know future w/Mike & Gus..but Kim, Howard & Chuck?? It's gotta b BAD.. @rheaseehorn @PatrickFabian #BCS @MJMcKean 0 1 @TMAN1138pm
Q&A: Jonathan Banks on Why Mike Gives In to Gus's Demands... For Now
Plus, the actor on saying so much with so little dialogue and why fans just can't get enough of Mike.
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Patrick Fabian
Why Jimmy and Chuck Can’t Stop Hurting Each Other – and Themselves
Plus, the cast and creators on Gus and Mike's first meeting and Mike's low-tech solution for sabotaging Hector's shipment.
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Comments Angelo Fiume Mmm... I hope that from the next episode Jimmy will become Saul Goodman Patrick Fabian
Rhea & I are excited about tonight's
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Thank you @StarrMSS !
(Did @rheaseehorn put you up to this?)
“Charm and smarm. @patrickfabian terrific as #HowardHamlin @BetterCallSaul”
Patrick Fabian
Patrick Fabian (@PatrickFabian) posted a photo on Twitter
EP 303
Writer: @GennHutchison
Dir: @jshiban
Get the whole picture - and other photos from Patrick Fabian
Comments Maaike Molenaar I'll watch it tomorrow ☺Paul Osborne CANNOT! WAIT! Patrick Fabian
Don’t take any half-measures and submit your Breaking Bad fan art: #FanArtFriday
(Art by: p1xer)
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Patrick Fabian
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20 minutes of heat.
20 minutes of cold.
“@PatrickFabian no Howard last night! Did he blow a hammy jumping over that fence last week? #BetterCallSaul”
Patrick Fabian
@BetterCallSaul @AMC_TV @PatrickFabian @rheaseehorn And of course I cannot forget the great writers on this show as… 0 4 @MRCordova75

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