@PatrickFabian ruined my life forever when he played Jeremiah Lasky on Saved by the Bell 😩😩 https://t.co/VBfqwnWfB9 0 6 @moonlanding101
RT @driverxmovie: Hey Maryland (and DC, I'm talking to you too), we'll be slipping into Hagerstown this Sunday 4/29 for the marvelous @Mary… 6 0 @PatrickFabian
#TBT The Fantastic Mr. Fabian on the NM Film Fix
Hear about my latest projects.
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Patrick Fabian
Better Call Saul Awarded for Its “Innovative Style and Commanding Performances”
The show was one of eight honored alongside Handmaid’s Tale, Saturday Night Live and more in the entertainment category.
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Patrick Fabian
Just saw @PatrickFabian on Star Trek voyager! 👍🏼 0 1 @angiebabiee
@PatrickFabian @VisitABQ I can't make it, will you send me one? 0 0 @GoJeffYourself_
@TheMadMonkey247 @PatrickFabian @HealTheBay @NPCA @Waterkeeper Yes they are filming and I believe it may be out August or September time. 0 2 @PunkinPie07
Patrick Fabian Talks About...DriverX - "What Did This Role Offer You?"
Why take on an indie film? Buckle up and I'll tell you the story. Comments Professor Lasky! Yes! Patrick Fabian
Won't you join us? Comments Get back to work as Gus would say I totally want to join!!!! Yes please... Patrick Fabian
What a perfect day at LEGOLAND California looks like. 😁☀️ Comments Looking good Patrick. Are you going to make it back for our 35th class reunion? Yes, 35 years since we ... Did you guys stay at the hotel there? That's the BEST! Happy Easter to the Fab Four! Patrick Fabian
✌️ Comments Excited for season 4 soon 🙂 Careful Patrick, isn't he a bad guy? Looking forward to season 4! Both of you are so talented and have made BCS as good or better than ... Patrick Fabian
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Today is an important day.
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Comments Thank you for getting out there in support of a very important movement! You're the best Patrick Fabian!! You rock, Patrick Fabian!✊ 😎✊ “In 2010, 38,329 people died from drug overdoses, twice the number a decade earlier. More people died of drug overdoses ... Patrick Fabian
Let's get down to business.

Better Call Saul Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.
Comments AWESOME. Hubba Hubba It was a really nice surprise meeting you last Sunday in the park (not going to say which one). I’m ... Patrick Fabian
I'm donating some awesome stuff to the West End Phoenix fundraiser. Go check it out!

Comments 😍 When is the Saul? What a kind heart you have Mr Fabian!😍 Patrick Fabian
🙌 🙌 🙌
Patrick Fabian
@PatrickFabian @HealTheBay @NPCA @Waterkeeper Great to see you having fun! 😄 and promoting a good cause 🤗 0 2 @PunkinPie07

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