@PatrickFabian From our BCS Facebook Group: "I may be late to the party, but I started watching Lucifer and was gid… https://t.co/DXMQxx0N1B 0 0 @dandorotik
@PatrickFabian @BetterCallSaul @AMC_TV Will the baseball cards guy be back this season? 0 0 @JesseHeiman
@PatrickFabian @AMC_TV You should have all worn the #cinabon aprons, would have been so cool... 🤣🤣🤣 0 0 @adrianpcross74
Hey!! I resemble that remark! What a great picture. Could have been taken from a little different angle but... 2 o… https://t.co/ItLVbkYHiG 0 0 @UncleSewell
@PatrickFabian His Honor.................... YES!
....."I seen all good people turn......"
Thanks Patrick.
0 0 @UncleSewell
@PatrickFabian @AMC_TV Can’t wait to have you back 🇺🇸❤️ 0 0 @jem065_frankie
@PatrickFabian @AMC_TV You need Tom Bosley billing: "And Patrick Fabian as Howard Hamlin." 0 0 @suburbandwarf
Thanks folks, Most grateful! All over again. https://t.co/1Epoe74voN 0 0 @UncleSewell
@PatrickFabian @AMC_TV There is still so much to discover around the world of Breaking Bad, this series is awesome! 0 0 @Greg20003
RT @OfficialTCA: It’s all good, man. Our final panel of the day is for the TCA Award-winning #BetterCallSaul, so you know it’s a packed hou… 7 0 @WritingRobert1
RT @rheaseehorn: Thanks, @OfficialTCA 2020 & all who attended! We had a blast! 11 0 @ElCamino_Movie

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