whats really exciting for me in BCS right now is that Hamlin (the brilliant @PatrickFabian with the innocent roboti… https://t.co/M63J0E0Gte 0 1 @givalilnish
What a perfect day at LEGOLAND California looks like. 😁☀️ Comments Looking good Patrick. Are you going to make it back for our 35th class reunion? Yes, 35 years since we ... Did you guys stay at the hotel there? That's the BEST! Happy Easter to the Fab Four! Patrick Fabian
@PatrickFabian I once asked a writer from a massive US sitcom how he felt about the whole “improvised” question. He… https://t.co/mbq1gR1hUv 0 0 @Darrenc121
✌️ Comments Excited for season 4 soon 🙂 Careful Patrick, isn't he a bad guy? Looking forward to season 4! Both of you are so talented and have made BCS as good or better than ... Patrick Fabian
Better Call Saul
"Patrick Fabian and I, every time we get the scripts, we flip through them as fast as possible, and then call each other, ‘I’m not dead!’" - Rhea Seehorn on Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Comments 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I ❤️ Kim Wexler! I really hope she doesn’t die and just moves up to Denver or something. Same for ... Howard’s character is just finally blossoming, they can’t kill him off! (Or Kim!) Patrick Fabian
I fear that with Chuck gone and with Kim telling Howard to stay away, we are slowly beginning to say goodbye to… https://t.co/os6Of2qWuU 0 0 @Advinx
@JackieFiest @dcauwatchtower Stick around. There’s cool casting to tell you about even beyond the… https://t.co/OWFwwucy9z 0 3 @SuperPRGuy
Shoot Teaser
"Shoot," the first Suadi-American film, is a story you need to see. Comments Watching and admiring your performance in "Better Call Saul" in Riyadh right now! Patrick Fabian
I'm donating some awesome stuff to the West End Phoenix fundraiser. Go check it out!

Comments 😍 When is the Saul? What a kind heart you have Mr Fabian!😍 Patrick Fabian
Better Call Saul Awarded for Its “Innovative Style and Commanding Performances”
The show was one of eight honored alongside Handmaid’s Tale, Saturday Night Live and more in the entertainment category.
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Patrick Fabian
At the cabin all week, finally home to watch episode 2 of @BetterCallSaul. Kim handing it to Howard was intense...… https://t.co/aNQTrWle8y 0 1 @batboysdad
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Today is an important day.
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Comments Thank you for getting out there in support of a very important movement! You're the best Patrick Fabian!! You rock, Patrick Fabian!✊ 😎✊ “In 2010, 38,329 people died from drug overdoses, twice the number a decade earlier. More people died of drug overdoses ... Patrick Fabian
@rheaseehorn Shhhhh! I made sure my shift at work ends one hour earlier every Monday to see the second airing of… https://t.co/62hXpfVUXX 0 2 @SomeOfEvrything
Patrick Fabian Talks About...DriverX - "What Did This Role Offer You?"
Why take on an indie film? Buckle up and I'll tell you the story. Comments Professor Lasky! Yes! Patrick Fabian
RT @PatrickFabian: Hmm..
@Postmates said by delivering #LosPollosHermanos to me, I’d look #GusFring Cool.
(NY/LA, you can too, M-W)
21 0 @BrooklynHudson_
.@rheaseehorn @BetterCallSaul One thing I noticed during the HH smackdown is apparently you couldn't make your TM p… https://t.co/o8XmGIvzE9 0 1 @jentaps
@rheaseehorn The scene between you and Howard this week was the perfect counterpoint to the one staged between you… https://t.co/QMoGYPZmhs 0 7 @AndyAxel
@PatrickFabian It's a good show, too, except @ncjack should be fired for being anti-American (read her old tweets).… https://t.co/jLgonpB9kO 0 0 @johnacurtis1199
@ltsSaulGoodman @rheaseehorn @PatrickFabian Howard didn't need a hug, he needed a senzu bean. 0 0 @KerrAvon4
O episódio dessa semana de Better Call Saul teve uma cena tão intensa entre Kim e Howard, que quando acabou eu sent… https://t.co/gqSPRhOzaX 0 0 @Silas_Guilherme
Better Call Saul
Come join me!
Patrick Fabian is taking over our Instagram at Comic-Con International! Follow @bettercallsaulamc and ask him questions, maybe he'll answer 😉
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Comments Your so very handsome..... I'll not lose this! Your character is amazing your acting is brilliant Bravo Patrick Fabian
@rheaseehorn Great performances from @rheaseehorn and @PatrickFabian in that scene. Felt great to see Kim stick up… https://t.co/UDXdTr2gZk 0 0 @UnusedPortion
@PatrickFabian I wrote to you in the mail recently to tell you how much I love your work on BCS, but now I wish I h… https://t.co/CKKvdaSFkC 0 1 @thatsalottafish
Let's get down to business.

Better Call Saul Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.
Comments AWESOME. Hubba Hubba It was a really nice surprise meeting you last Sunday in the park (not going to say which one). I’m ... Patrick Fabian
@rheaseehorn I love how you explained that. Still thinking of last week’s show. Your scene with Howard, Jimmy’s at… https://t.co/VXeUmyD0nc 0 0 @StevedeMena
A hilarious, very fast recap of the first 3 seasons of @BetterCallSaul by members of the cast. I love seeing actors… https://t.co/mEMrqmePpq 0 0 @StephMcCaf

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