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Message from Mark Stolaroff - "Wow! What a ride! What an incredible 29 days we've just had. First of all, I want to THANK ALL OF YOU, all of you amazing backers for jumping on board this project. With 410 of you, it's going to be a little tight, and some of you are going to have to sit on some laps, but I'm sure we can all fit.

I also want to thank my outstanding team, including my partner in crime Henry Barrial, our amazing lead actor Patrick Fabian, my consigliere and executive producer Alex Cutler, and our awesome social media duo, Sydney Catinna and EJ Gullett. This campaign could not have been successful, or nearly as much fun, without their incredible contributions. Then there were so many of you guys who tweeted and posted and shared and just generally kept our social media platforms buzzing. So great! Thank you so much!..."

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What happens in the Prius, stays in the Prius.

"Leonard"  star |  DRAMA, Feature Film (2018) | Written and Directed by Henry Barrial

Synopisis: A middle-aged stay-at-home dad, must start driving for an Uber-like company to help supplement his working wife's income.